About Me

Hi, I’m Meagan Tuck, designer and owner of Meagan’s Creations. I started Meagan’s Creations in 2009 with word art, then moved on to templates and eventually kits! I design using Photoshop Creative Cloud and sometimes Adobe Illustrator CS3. I love making themed kits for adults and children alike, some with bright bold colors and others with a muted retro theme- I like to stay versatile and let the inspiration allow me to try new things. I love playing with fonts and am a font-addict! I currently sell at Sweet Shoppe Designs.

I live in Houston, TX with my husband of 14 years and our wonderful four kids. I love playing board games, taking walks with my family, playing the occasional video game and watching movies (some of my favorites include “While you Were Sleeping”, “Penelope” and “The Princess Bride”).

Take a look around, join me on social media and happy scrapping!