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February Passport Guide

Hello! February is almost gone and I thought I’d check in with how you’re doing with Sweet Shoppe’s Passport Challenges! I thought I would help you with some kits that match the challenges and hopefully provide you some inspiration!

#2. Product : Templates

B.F.F. : Templates by Meagan's Creations
Imagination: Templates by Meagan's Creations

#3. Featured : Meagan

Fall Homestead: Collection Bundle by Meagan's Creations
Little Lady by Meagan's Creations

#5. List : How Do I Love Thee… Let Me Count[List] the Ways

Milestones Volume 2: Templates by Meagan's Creations
Milestones Volume 1: Templates by Meagan's Creations

#9. Seasonal : Leap Year

2020 is a Leap Year! So take this opportunity to either leap back 4 years to document a favorite memory, leap forward 4 years and scrap about your long term goals, or simply scrap about how you plan to celebrate this year’s festivities.

Year in Review : Templates by Meagan's Creations

#13. Journal : What are you truly passionate about?

My Story Vol. 1 : Templates by Meagan's Creations

15. Color : Scrap with this month’s color swatch

I Like to Move It: Collection Bundle by Meagan's Creations

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