MegsC_profileMy name is Meagan and I started designing in Fall 2009. I opened up shop in my first store in February 2010 and Meagan’s Creations was born! I started out just making word art but then I got compliments on my layouts and so that led to me making templates. I had to participate in store collabs so I started getting CU items which led me to want to make the whole thing so I started making kits! It’s been a trial by fire kind of thing, learning along the way, making some rookie mistakes and asking a ton of questions but I’m getting the hang of it. And it is still fun. I love it when I can create something on my own. I think that’s still why templates are my favorite thing to make- just pure imagination.

Well, this is my online alias. In the real world, I am a 29-yr old mother of three, a spirited 7-yr old girl, a sweet, momma’s boy 5-yr old and a clingy but cute 1 year old. I’ve been married to my best friend for over 10 years and am still madly in love. I have a bachelor’s in Math Ed and have taught high school, elementary and worked at a juvenile detention center. I am currently a stay-at-home mom and I tutor math online.

My husband works as a buyer for an oil field service company. He hopes to start grad school soon. We currently live in Texas.

What program do I use? I use Photoshop Creative Suite 3. I use mainly Photoshop and use Illustrator for my doodles.

What inspires me? I love looking through Home Decor magazines. Those are great for color palettes. I also have a list of favorite designers and I take inspiration from their style and works. I like having extracted items in my kits but also want to do more of my own shapes and creations, too. The modern patterns are inspiring me as well as the shabby style. I like to go back and forth because I scrap for life and there are just some themes that work better with the different styles.

Do you also do other scrapbooking jobs besides designing?  I used to be on Creative Teams which is a great way to learn more about designing by watching other designers and how they do things. But now I only quality check for Dream Big Designs and scrap on the side when I can! I find it a great release to scrap after some hard-core designing, to switch gears just helps me get out of creative blocks.


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