Hi-Yah! Kick it into High Gear with This New Collection!

New Release: Hi-Yah!

I took Karate when I was a teenager. I have never been athletic but I loved Karate. It didn’t require running and there was some precision to it that I as a nerd could get behind. Maybe you have a fighter in your family? Taekwondo, Kung-fu, Karate, Jujitsu, etc. Maybe just a fighting spirit within. This vibrant and bold collection combines the art of fighting as learned from The Orient with the inner peace and discipline found in the martial arts.

Save 30% off the packs through Monday, October 31st or save 50% off when you purchase the collection bundle!



megsc_hiyah_clpreview megsc_hiyah_glpreview megsc_hiyah_jcpreview megsc_hiyah_tppreview megsc_hiyah_wapreview


Collection Bundle

Kit | Clusters | Glitters

Journal Cards | Templates | Word Art


Collection Bundle

Kit | Clusters | Glitters

Journal Cards | Templates | Word Art


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And here’s a little freebie for you! A word art cluster using Hi-Yah! Click on the preview to download. Link will expire on November 4th.


Happy Scrapping and Shopping!



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