TDC Hatchery! State Fair Collection for $1 a pack!

It’s time for The Hatchery at The Digichick! What’s The Hatchery? Well every 3 months, the designers at The Digichick get together and create packs using the same palette. We then sell those packs for $1-2 for 1 week only!

This month’s palette was a super fun and colorful rainbow of colors. With fall coming on, it reminded me of state fairs and carnivals!

Check out my new collection, State Fair, on sale for $1 a pack and save an extra $1 when you purchase the collection bundle! It’s on sale through Wednesday, September 7, 2016!


megsc_statefair_TDCap megsc_statefair_TDCcl megsc_statefair_TDCep megsc_statefair_TDCgl megsc_statefair_TDCjc megsc_statefair_TDCpp1 megsc_statefair_TDCpp2 megsc_statefair_TDCtp megsc_statefair_TDCwa

Collection Bundle

Alphas | Elements | Clusters | Glitters | Journal Cards

Patterned Papers | Solids + Watercolors | Templates | Word Art Clusters


Carousel Ferris Wheel Dollywood July 20, 2016, smaller kabra_MeagansCreations_StateFair_600_WS karenR_Calaway-1_zpsawbwkbba lagoon-copy megsc_statefair_jo600 megsc_statefair_robin_web mrottler_MeagansCreations_StateFair_Mina9-2015 copy PopcornBag robinsk_Calaway-2_zpspb4gzttw State Fair of Texas (600 x 600) StateFair_Meag'sC_Aug_SB_web Toy-Story-Maniamegsc_statefair_temp3 web-(05-21-16)LEFT-SuperChevyShow-cs_DU18_megsc_statefair web-(05-21-16)RIGHT-SuperChevyShow-cs_DU18_megsc_statefair

Happy Scrapping and Shopping!




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