Gotta Grab It! $1 packs!

40% off Everything!

To celebrate my feature over at The Digi Files, I have my entire store on sale for 40% off through June 20th!


Gotta Grab It

Scrub-A-Dub Dub

Gotta Grab It is a monthly event at Gotta Pixel. One palette, $1 packs, 1 week!

I saw the palette and instantly saw bath time! So grab your rubber ducky and jump in this fun digital scrapbooking collection! $1 a pack, or if you love the whole collection (and why wouldn’t you really?) you can purchase the collection bundle with all those downloads in one nice spot for you!


megsc_scrub_GPep megsc_scrub_GPcl megsc_scrub_GPgl megsc_scrub_GPpp1 megsc_scrub_GPpp2 megsc_scrub_GPtp1 megsc_scrub_GPtp2 megsc_scrub_GPwa

Collection Bundle

Elements Pack | Clusters | Glitters | Patterned Papers

Solid + Watercolors | Temps V1 | Temps V2 | Word Art Clusters


1z5lyrs andastra_bath-time andastra_splash Chrissie_SpringaLeak-megcs_scrub Dawn_ debora_117ci0k fun-bathing_zpsy4rhlquy Li_27476721991_d0c8e0df9f_o lindsay_ LisaN_Bathtime LisaR_Bath Time 600 x 600 Robin_aHME3WY Squeaky clean Steph_bubble10 Tammy_1i1leb

Zoobilee: Arctic

Now Available at The Digichick!

Last month’s GGI, I did a cool and icy collection to go along with my earlier release, Zoobilee!

Zoobilee: Arctic is great for those trips to the oceanarium or seeing our “cooler” friends at the zoo! Everything in my store is on sale for 40% off through June 20th!

If you didn’t grab this collection last month, grab it now during this great sale and be set for your summer adventures!


Collection Bundle

Kit | Clusters | Glitters

Templates | Word Art Clusters


Bea_penguin_1_webb Bea_penguin_2_web-b chrissie_Frozen5K_megs_arcticzoobilee joanna_afbkt0 Kay_DVqUtN3 Li_26727902130_fab05495cc_o Lindsay_Disney-Christmas-Parade-201_zpscajlebfn LisaN_arctic LisaR_Just Chillin 600 x 600 Stefanie_Just chillin 600_zpszyusflwc stephL_treatb10 Tammy_hwjx9y zanthia_zoobille-arctic-meagan niftye

Happy Scrapping and Shopping!


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