Gotta Grab It: Celebrate You! $1 Packs Thru Dec 18th

This month’s palette was perfect for coordinating boy/girl birthday kits! Check out Celebrate You- an awesome birthday-themed digital scrapbooking collection that’s just $1 a pack! And these packs are loaded! Element packs include an alpha, you’ve got some great patterned paper packs to choose from, glitters, clusters and templates! Check it out!

megsc_celebrateu_bundleGP megsc_celebrateu_BoyEP_PreviewGP megsc_celebrateu_BoyPP_PreviewGP megsc_celebrateu_GirlEP_PreviewGP megsc_celebrateu_GirlPP_PreviewGP megsc_celebrateu_cl_PreviewGP megsc_celebrateu_EXPP_PreviewGP megsc_celebrateu_GL_PreviewGP megsc_celebrateu_TempsPreviewGP

Boy Elements | Boy Papers | Girl Elements | Girl Papers

Extra Papers | Glitters | Clusters | Templates

Collection Bundle

Check out these adorable layouts by the team!


2014-05_megsc-CelebrateYou 2015_your year_left 2015_your year_right birthd10 Hannahs 9th gifts Aug2015 joanna_34fimmt megsc_celebrateu_Temp1_web_zpskvmramhp sugar and spice trina_23600578245_871763869b_z WEB-9-2015BuccaneerBay-cschneider




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  1. Thank you!

  2. Very cute–thanks!

  3. Thank you again Meagan! Hope you had a great holiday! Happy New Year and wishing you all the best!

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