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Hey there! Meagan here! I don’t know about you but for me the title can really make a layout! Sometimes it’s what I spend the most time working on! Just trying to capture the essence of the page with the perfect title! Well, here are 10 ideas for you to make that title pop!!

1. Put your title right on the photo.

I love this fun layout by Carol using Beach Baby. That large photo is so great and adding the title right on the photo in a non-bulky way just adds to the fun landscape! Carol also used a word art from the Beach Baby Word Art pack.


I love this cute photo and gorgeous clustering by Isabel. The title here contrasts perfectly with the green photo and I love how simple yet elegant it makes the title next to the gorgeous and radiant photo and clustering. Isabel used Two Become One and Two Become One the Wordy Bits.


2. Use the alpha in contrasting sizes.

Love this gorgeously clustered layout by Jhari. She used the alpha from Bliss for her title and just changed up the size of the alpha to create interest with her great title!


Again, Em used the alpha that went with the kit, Heart Song and created a great line of text nestled inside the next bigger line simply by altering the size of the alpha from one word to the next.


3. Put it on it’s Side.

Don’t you just love Julie’s bold use of white in this layout?! Stunning! She adds to the visual interest of the small photos and the large one by having some of the title on it’s side, leading our eye down to the end of the title for an even more dramatic effect. Love! She used the alpha from She Is and a word tag from the kit to make this title.


In this lovely layout, Carol has turned the word strip on it’s side which is perfect to accent the vertical strip of photos! She used Heart Song and a word art from the Heart Song Word Art Clusters.


4. Split the title across the page.

Awww! sweet baby photos!! I love how Manda put the first name and middle name across from each other. It draws your eye through all the cute photos! Manda used Baby Mine, Baby Mine the word art clusters and other packs.


Aww!! more sweet baby photos!!! Love this page by EmJ and how the title is split on both sides of this adorable large photo! Especially with large photos, split titles are a great way to let the photo be the focus while getting your message across. EmJ also used Baby Mine.


5. Let a word art do all the talking!

Manda used a word art cluster from Bliss to just perfectly capture her feelings in this sweet photo! Word art clusters can make it easier to grab and go with your titles! Bliss and Bliss the Word Art clusters used in this layout.


Here’s another great layout by Manda! This time, the word art was on a journal card and she placed it to make a great title for her page! She drew attention to it as the title with the arrows! Bucket List and Bucket List the Journal Cards used here.


In this sweet  minimalistic layout, the white space really draws your eye to the photo and the word art cluster is a great contrasting color and the perfect size to stand out without taking away from the precious photo! Anywhere But Here and Anywhere But Here the word art clusters were used for this layout.


6. Make it Bold!

In this bright and bold layout, Joanna has the title nice and large for us next to the photos for a bold and fun effect! Joanna used In My Backyard.


In this layout, I used the “Swiss Cheese” method or cut-out method to make my title more interesting. I used a kit now retired called “The Simple Life”.


7. Wrap it Around

I love text paths and putting text around a shape or photo. It reminds me of a paper scrapbooking technique that I don’t see often enough in the digital world!

Here’s a fun layout by Katya and her title follows the curve of the cute little dots! Just perfect!! She used Bucket List.


I did this layout using various Dream Big Designs’ kits and it just was perfect to make the title wrap around the photo to match the radial design of the strips coming from the photo.


In this layout, Jenn used the kit alpha to create this lovely title around her very centric layout! It repeats the circle for a great unified look! She used Heart Song and Paper Hearts 3 Template.


8. Piece it Together

Use a variety of alphas, elements, word tags and journal cards to piece together your title!

In this layout, Jenn used some word art tags and a journal card to make the fun, layered title! Jenn used Something Borrowed, Something Blue for this layout.


In this layout, EmJ used the kit alpha, regular text and then a word art cluster to piece together her great “Someday I’ll Travel Around the World” title. It makes for a lot of great visual interest to have the contrast between the three! EmJ used Anywhere But Here and the coordinating Word Art Clusters.

Someday_zpsbe523017 \

9. Add contrast to your title.

In this fun layout, Kandi added a glitter border around her title for a gorgeous effect! She used She Is and the coordinating glitters.


In this sweet layout, Brittney used the alpha from the kit for “Beautiful” and then made her own alpha for “girl” but packed it with great contrast to the alpha for a bold title! She used Sweethearts.


Another sweet baby layout!! love how Lahni used a combination of the kit alpha and text to really make this title pop! She drew out the monograms as well as the full name here with this sweet contrasting method. She used Baby Mine.


10. Personalize a word art with your own cute thoughts.

Love this adorable layout by Manda. In it, she used a word art cluster from the collection, but also added that cute little speech bubble with a subtitle to personalize the title! so stinking cute! Manda used Playground Play and the coordinating word art clusters for this kit.


Hope you got some inspiration for creative ways to make your titles!! Happy Scrapping!!


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  1. Love all these ideas! Thanks!

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